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Spanx Hide & Sleek High-Rise Thong Review

Spanx Hide & Sleek High-Rise Thong offers the benefits of the High-Rise brief, but with a thong for an extra seamfree benefit under skirts, dresses and trousers. Designed to smooth your tummy and give you a sleek appearance it features a double layer compression with a waistband only across your back for added benefits Here is the full Spanx Hide & Sleek High-Rise Thong review

Spanx Hide & Sleek High-Rise Thong Review:

The Spanx Hide & Sleek High-Rise Thong features a soft double layer to smooth everything from your tummy to your bra-line, it also firms your back to create an all-over sleeker appearance – a benefit you don’t always receive from waist height shapewear. The Spanx Hide & Sleek High-Rise shapewear has a waistband in the back with no seam lines in the front whatsoever, creating a very smooth appearance whilst offering the support to stop it from rolling down when you move around and perfect for everyday events. The seams around the leg has overlocked stitching, which means it lies flat against your skin preventing the possibility of binding or pinching. The thong back also gets rid of any potential visibility of your pantyline.

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Spanx Hide & Sleek High-Rise Thong Review: My Thoughts

I love this product, it’s not the priciest one in the Spanx range but it’s perfect for everyday wear. The double lining means you can wear it with confidence knowing you will have no lumps show up over the top – a problem with some waist height shapewear products – plus it’s perfect waistband means you have no worries of it rolling down as you get on with your daily life.

After considering whether I should just give up and buy new clothes a size up, I decided to try this product and I can’t tell you just how much more confidence I got from the feeling I got though being able to wear (and look good) in my favourite clothes day in and day out. I haven’t regretted trying Spanx since the day I discovered it – it meant I could wear the clothes I loved without the need for taking that step up and dreading looking at the bigger size in the label.

In terms of wearing the Spanx Hide & Sleek High Rise Thong, the only thing I would say is make sure you get the right size, the thong element is perfect for hiding any visible pantyline but you don’t want the actual waistband of the thong to show with any bumps below.

Once you’ve got your size, don’t hesitate to try this. It’s my favourite piece of the range and it got me started on my Spanx road to feeling more confident. I hope you found this Spanx Hide & Sleek High-Rise Thong review helpful, if you did – please feel free to comment below.


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